6 word running stories – a collection

6 word running stories – a collection
January 29, 2021 Dave Garb

Nervously stepping out of the door
A dark cold frosty morning awaits
Time to wake up my body
The first step is the hardest
Desperately struggling to catch my breath
I thought it would be easy
Why is everyone looking at me?
Should stop comparing myself to others
Setting out on a beautiful journey

Slowly growing to love this pursuit
My stale existence has been transformed
Invigorated and now bursting with energy
A simple act but so rewarding
Why did I wait so long?
Yearning and craving to push on
Continually attempting to push the boundaries
Mental limitations are the only barrier
I am now beginning to believe

Striving for improvement but always average
Ignoring the nagging aches and pains
I do not want to cease
Trying so hard but not progressing
Burdened and weary by my endeavours
Despite the consequences I carried on
Regretting not listening to the advice
Broken and hurting makes me stop
Maybe I will just give up

I knew I had to return
Staying away was not an option
The burning desire never left me
Time to start a new chapter
A nagging feeling of unfinished business
There is a goal to achieve
An ambition to surpass my expectations
Wondering how far is too far
Believing the impossible to be possible

The day of reckoning has arrived
Standing nervously shivering at the start
Amongst the crowd I feel overwhelmed
Excitedly anticipating the unknown journey ahead
Waves of emotion carry me along
I never believed this would happen
The pain was mental not physical
Instinctively I knew I could finish
I broke away and was gone

Embracing the endless quest to finish
Knowing that I will always continue
The end is sometimes the beginning